A tale of two kitties. So much more than a “pet”
Tigger was the first of the Slater cat dynasty. It took hindsight from years distant to understand his powers. Love and Patience were top of the list. When I was at secondary school I would return home for lunch, and then cuddle up with him before reluctantly returning to the mind-mill. This meant that my woollen jumper was covered in cat hair, so he really accompanied me in the afternoon. Little did I know that he was intentionally lying on my heart chakra …
Years later and Jenny and I became married. Jenny had been gifted a ball of fluff called Katie; she looked much bigger and was like an owl comparing her size to her weight. Empty, when you picked her up.
Katie was with us for about 2 years and then did not return one evening. That evening, after we had called and called, Tigger went into Katie’s basket. He had never done this before because he was just too big. “That’s not right. That’s unusual.” The next day it was confirmed that he was sending a very clear message that Katie would not be returning to her basket. Our neighbour indicated where her featherweight body could be found beside the road.
But happy memories nonetheless.



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