About our retreats

Accommodation, Cuisine, Surroundings, & Activities

About our Retreats

What we do here is simple:

You retreat, we nurture. You Thrive

As a sensitive soul who gives much to others, feeling held is crucial.

  • Let go and receive
  • Nurture yourself
  • Honour yourself
  • Connect with your heart
  • Breathe deep
  • Eat organic, lovingly prepared food
  • Receive bodywork and healing
  • Be with others who understand you
so calm at the spiritual retreats that the butterflies think you're a flower
the night sky. Not ours but very pretty nonetheless



 The Retreat Ambience

  • Peaceful, warm accommodation
  • ‘Touches of home’: soft blankets, inspiring books, cosy socks!
  • Take time to look at the stars
  • Connect with nature
  • A high vibe nest for all sensitive souls
  • Come and enjoy our High-Vibe-Re-Vive

Reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature


A welcoming, peaceful sanctuary for all in need of rest

Stay in a cosy, environmentally friendly chalet

Enjoy  our light, bright Eco-Cabin; well insulated and double-glazed.
There is one double room and one twin. The beds are wooden with comfortable non-sprung mattresses. Organic towels and soft cotton bedding are provided.

Tea and home-baking is provided.

There is a spacious shower-room with basin and WC, which drain into a Phytoépuration bed for waste water. The light-filled lounge is open plan with a welcoming wood-stove in the centre, and with a kitchen area to the side.

The sunny covered terrace offers a peaceful space to read or stargaze.

The premises are a totally meat-free, alcohol-free and smoke-free zone, as we want all our guests to feel great from the inside out.

The forest surrounding the chalet provides privacy and peace. In fact, the nearest building is our own house at 45m distant. The hamlet is 100m away through the forest, or 240m via the track. To the south of our house, the nearest house is 450m and the next house westerly is at – 2,700m.

Please note that the inside of the chalet is the only space within a mile or so that is cat-free. Our opportunistic predators would love the opportunity to hunt inside but please keep them out. Thank you.

spiritual butterfly on our retreat

Cuisine during your Retreat

We provide high-vibe meals using the best ingredients; organic food, locally sourced and home grown where possible.
Jenny has always been passionate about food and has a wide repertoire, inspired by her travels. Her  imagination and flair cannot be over-emphasised. Jenny is an intuitive cook so knows what your body needs to thrive.

Derek contributes with his delicious tortillas, dahls, cookies, and breads. You’re in for a treat.
Breakfast is buffet-style to allow  flexibility – whether you enjoy it at 6 or 9am.
Lunch is around 12-1pm or thereabouts, to flow with the end of an activity or session. Similarly, dinner starts 5-6pm according to the flow of the day.
Your retreat day will conclude after dinner and a cuppa, allowing time to process and integrate the day’s events; unless we’ve scheduled an evening activity.

organic food

Surroundings and activities

No need to take the car, the Parc Naturelle is right on our doorstep! Go out the front gate, turn left and you’re there. You can walk for miles, totally immersing your senses.
Fancy a wild swim or paddle? Freshwater swimming lakes are a short journey away.
Fancy a spa or not keen on freshwater swimming?  The Leisure pool/ Hammam at Aubusson is just 20 minutes away.

field of bluebells
sunlight through the tree canopy
a moth enjoying the organic thistle
autumn acorns and leaves

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