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Bonjour and Welcome

We’re Jenny and Derek, your hosts and Forest Guardians

One day we decided  to have an adventure, sell our home in Scotland and relocate to France. We have always felt a connection with nature. To live in a forest brings us great joy.

We discovered this place in 2014. The land called us. A warm house (vital after an icy rental place). Peace and privacy. We pinch ourselves at manifesting this special location. Waking to birdsong and woodland creatures still enchants.

Jenny and Derek, hosts at the spiritual retreats

We cleared and blessed the land and accommodation.
We’ve installed an Eco-friendly system for the waste water (phytoepuration), established an organic garden, rainwater collection system, work-spaces and outbuildings. Our big vision is living off-grid.
We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating La Fôret des Étoiles, which we have now updated to become Forest of the Stars, and are ready to share the peace and magic with you.

picnic in the forest

Our “Superpowers”

Jenny has a unique ability to make people feel welcome. She puts people at their ease, bringing them home to their hearts. Jenny creates a safe cocoon where you feel safe, loved and valued. Whether she works 1:1 or within a group, you will feel held.

Children and animals warm to Jenny. She’s in her element in nature, when she’s creating or dancing.

People feel grounded around Derek. He’s a perfect balance of strong and sensitive. Quiet and thoughtful. Derek enjoys relating to people 1:1 best and is a good listener. He is great at holding space, and is practical and conscientious.

Derek is musical and plays flute, arranges dance music for his mythical ceilidh band, and sings in 2 French choirs. His passion is spending time in his workshop where he creates beautiful wooden furniture and objects.

 “Jenny’s the ‘Wings’ and visionary, and Derek is the ‘Roots’ and anchor. Their skills and personalities complement each other and they’ve been married for 33 years!”

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