So said Ann Magnusson in “Vandemonium Plus” about 30 years ago.

We have 4 ant nests ranging in sizes between 2ftx3ftx1ft tall and 2ft in diameter x 1 ft tall. For the most part they are peace-loving creatures.
However, during the great wood-pile reclamation of 2014 I learned that they are protective of their forest. They had to be evicted due to causing a zoning conflict so boiler-suit and elastic-bands were donned and the exodus to 3 metres east was completed over a couple of days.

Our video shows that the sun has warmed this nest enough for them to start their spring maintenance. (sounds familiar) Actually, we see them at their leisure-time activity. They are, in fact, re-enacting the play that our editor-in-chief attended recently, entitled “Late Night at Schiphol Airport”


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