Who cares for the care-takers?

When you go "on retreat", whether it is for a nature experience or for some soul-searching, you want to know that the person facilitating the retreat can hold the space for you. Your stuff can come up and you need to feel safe.In order that we can do this for you,...

It’s snowing !!! 4/4/19

Is this an example of mis-manifestation?"The garden needs more water"~ but perhaps in liquid form, please.🐾❤️🐱

Food Follow-up

To continue on Friday's theme of foods now excluded from my ascension diet ...Chocolate experiment. I ate my one square of chocolate, nibble by nibble, and it was delicious! Hooray, but I have to consider if it was worth the one hour of indigestion that followed. (one...

The editor-in-chief is back.

Jenny had a long day yesterday, starting at 04:00 UK time and ending at 23:00 France time. Planes, trains, and automobiles; a day of almost constant movement. As we were driving home through the twilight, it was a good time to surprise the wildlife. 224 km round trip...

Cat Day Afternoon

Sometimes it's not fair that D is doing Spring-cleaning and we have to sleep outside. Soooooo peaceful without the hoover, talking book, or - singing!!🐾❤️🐱


So much for "music calms the savage beast". Our three wild things have difficulty in accepting that, after years of not singing, I've started singing. They might prefer if I actually sang something other than vocal exercises, but that's where I am just now. Little...

breeze today

A bit of a breeze today so the wind-chimes are singing.These were bought in New Zealand almost 30 years ago. Yes, as well as flitting with the kitchen sink, I had a habit of not knowing what was a sensible item or weight to carry in travel luggage. I also still have...

Ascension Restaurant

The Exclusive Ascension Restaurant.  - with the emphasis on "exclusive - to leave out" Along with my growing understanding of the interconnected-ness of all things (remember that, according to the big bang theory, everything in our universe is accelerating away from a...


I discovered why my last year's parmigiana lasted for 4 days instead of only 2 servings. I used 2 large aubergines. Large. This week I used one medium aubergine. Only 2 servings. Phew!Non-standard ingredients included mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes; hence the dark...

Sève de bouleau

Birch sap can be collected at the start of spring, just when the trees start to bud. That is when the tree awakens and draws up moisture to feed the upcoming greenery.I did this 2 years ago and harvested 5 litres in 24 hours from one mature tree. The same tree this...


Hi,  I’m Jenny Slater
I would love to help you heal, reconnect and recharge.

Love, Jenny

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