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Chakradance™ is a dance practice; a way to integrate body, mind, and spirit. It is a powerful experience that will free and energise you. Dancing the 7 major chakras is like  explorating several worlds, each with their own meanings, lessons, and stories.  A blend of free dance, guided imagery  and music to promote wellbeing.  A sanctuary away from everyday life.

What Happens in a Chakradance Session?

You dance with your eyes closed in a candle lit room. The focus isn’t about steps or performance. It’s about freedom of expression.  ” like entering a waking dream”. Each person’s experience is unique. It is best experienced by trying it . Your facilitator guides you throughout. It is suitable for adults of all ages and abilities, from 16 to 106!

See the official Chakradance™ website here.

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Benefits of Chakradance

self-expression:  freedom to be yourself, exercise,   helps creativity, balances mood and emotions. It’s fun. you feel alive !

Chakradance™ sessions can be taken in a group or individually

Chakradance™ Retreat dates for 2018

Join us for an, energising, healing weekend of Chakradance, meditation, art, joy and connection in our enchanting forest. Chakradance is a powerful healing dance practice. The emphasis is on free dance in candle-lit surroundings. It will free and energise you. In this retreat, you will take part in daily group Chakradance sessions, eat delicious organic food and integrate in a supportive, nurturing healing environment. You will emerge transformed!

  • Fri 23 – Mon 26 March
  • Fri 28 September – Mon 1 October
  • Fri 26 – Mon 29 October

Your investment Long Weekend €475

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Jenny retreat host, moonpause doula, chakradance facilitator

Hi. I’m Jenny Slater, I would love to help you heal, reconnect and recharge.

Drop me a line with any questions you may have.


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