Jenny had a long day yesterday, starting at 04:00 UK time and ending at 23:00 France time. Planes, trains, and automobiles; a day of almost constant movement. As we were driving home through the twilight, it was a good time to surprise the wildlife. 224 km round trip means about 80 km on back-roads during dusk on the return journey. Statistically we didn’t see much by way of critters for that distance: one cat, one pair of eyes, but 5 deer. The message is definitely “go gently”.
Multi-tasking not being one of my stronger skills, I did not attempt to photograph them; driving speed, dusk camera settings, noise of car doors making subject disappear, oh, and camera 80 km from subject. Therefore, here is a library photo of one of our visitors, settling down about 20 metres from the house. She must feel pretty relaxed and safe to do that.
Not much of a welcome back for Jenny from our resident critters. They’re still a bit puzzled about the odd snack timings. Instead of munchie-time being 5-ish, it was half-rations mid-afternoon and again at 10pm. Plus the clocks have changed and it takes us about 4 weeks to become accustomed to the new timings. When we arrived back after 10 o’clock the pusses were much more interested in their dishes than their duchess, but I anticipate some furry cuddles today.

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