To continue on Friday’s theme of foods now excluded from my ascension diet …
Chocolate experiment. I ate my one square of chocolate, nibble by nibble, and it was delicious! Hooray, but I have to consider if it was worth the one hour of indigestion that followed. (one square !! )
Coleslaw catastrophe. This has been a puzzler for us since moving to France as the basic coleslaw ingredient is manipulated before we buy it. It took us probably about 2 years to find a mayonnaise without mustard added. As we were thus eating coleslaw so infrequently (and it’s a summer staple as far as we are concerned), when we did manage to remember where to track down the elusive mustard-free condiment we invariably preceded the purchase with “do we still like coleslaw?”. As it turns out, No. That’s also off the list.
Fish, with/without chips. These are two subjects. Fish, and chips. French chips, the mass-produced variety, have grooves in them. They are designed that way in order to be able to scoop up mayonnaise. That’s a cultural “Yuk” for me, and malt vinegar is an alien concept here. Real French chips are made of potato, are invariably small cubes, and are cooked in goose fat. No complaint there apart from the obvious. So neither variant is on the list.
Fish. This is a double cultural anomaly. Just because I speak English doesn’t make me so, therefore don’t serve me cod. Fish preference also varied across Scotland so I’m sure that there’s not just one species served in England but I grew up with haddock from the chipper (not the chippie). I have managed to find a restaurant which uses haddock, however, it’s the oil first, then the fish, which is relegating this dish to the history menus.
… and while I’m on the fish subject, I have to add Salade Niçoise. This is a culinary loss, even although we had our own variations on the basic recipe. Fresh green beans are not as abundant as one would hope and frozen beans are 50% water and 20% flavour. The tuna is now only in the larder for the cats for a treat, and I believe that I have already intimated my dislike of boiled eggs.
(The next instalment will include the dishes which have come in to replace these reminiscences.)
I leave you with this week’s curry. Just the title. If you want the spices you have to come in person!
MCCC curry. Mushroom, chick-pea, carrot, coriander. The editor-in-chief asked for seconds so must I know what I am doing.😊
ps, the photo is from the archives of my first quiche😊


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