“What do You want to Be when you Grow up?”
One of the most dumb questions for an adult to ask a child. Already the pressure to conform has started. And you can only answer according to your experiences to date, but spaceman, footballer, nurse, teacher are never taken seriously.
And let’s just examine this concept of “grow up”.
When I was 8, 10, 12 adults knew everything. Obviously. But when I reached 14 the power-balance changed and it was me who knew everything. Again at 16, 18, 20 – “I know everything; you can’t teach me anything”. (I was, however, receptive when the adult was sharing information and not just dictating facts.)
☼ Married at 22. Surely that makes me an adult which is the definition of knowing everything. Otherwise why did “grown-ups” always tell me what to do? Surely they are right in their advice/admonishments?
☼ Now I’m 30 and yes, this time I know a lot, although perhaps not everything.
☼ Now I’m 40. Gosh there’s a lot to know. Some of it can’t be learned from a book. It’s not all factually-based, this “life thingie”.
☼ OK. Now I’m 50 and it seems that it might not be possible to “know” everything. (That realisation took a while.)
☼ 22nd March, 2019 and I have collected 56 of your earth-years. I know now that the question should have been:-
“HOW do you want to be when you grow up?”

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