On the route home from Limoges railway station, I collected some shopping. In the fruit section there were boxes of “seconds”. Unexpectedly high standards here because 2 bananas, a lemon, and a tangerine got chucked. Look at what remains!
The harvest produced one litre of orange/tangerine/clementine juice, and one and a half litres of smoothie (the wussy option for green juice).
That’s 4 breakfasts and some change – and I still have 6 oranges, the punnet of rasps (mislaid them during processing), and 3 lemons.
At the next supermarket, a collection was being taken for “les sans abri” so I was quite happy to share the abundance, even though it meant that I had to consider, handle, and purchase meat-products.
(French for “Yuck” is “beurk”. I wonder if this is where we get the Scots word “boke”?)🐱🐾❤️



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