🌳💖 Bonsoir lovely Souls.
You’ll have read about me referring to my ‘Green Man ‘in La Forêt. (My dear husband Derek). Somehow, using ‘Green Man’ has been more comfortable for us stepping more into the world of social media; especially when you are private. Something I respect.( always ask his permission if I can share)He’s more comfortable holding the camera than being in front of the lens! Shhh. He IS (petit à petit )moving out of the selfie-conscious zone….Like many of us Starseeds, his light is needed on the planet at this time and it is time for him to step up and share it with the world….whether it is serving our retreat guests, creating beautiful things out of wood, Channelling energy, just being himself. Ahh, such mirrors we are! Bless you and thank you for being such a Beautiful ‘human’….Thank you for all you are and all that you do- We make an amazing team💖🌳#newearth.#forestofthestarscreuse #veganforestretreatcreuse#injoy#lightleaders. #lifeinthefrenchforet#nurtureinnature#starseeds#firstwavers.#soulretreats#stepupandbeseen.#newearthretreats

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