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Healing “disciplines”

Well, we’ve come a long way since we were initiated to Reiki in 2000. The healing energies have changed, we’ve changed, the planet energies have changed.

We used to think that when a client booked in for a “reiki session” then we had the control to say when the energy started and stopped, and that we were channelling pure reiki energy. Jenny trained in Karuna Reiki® and was able to use that energy when it was required. Due to the reasons listed above, that is no longer the case. Nowadays, with the evolving of the energies, there is an amalgam of the energies, so that now you very much receive “what you receive”.

When you book in for a session, please indicate what you are looking for. The energy will be what you need.

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Chakradance™ is a healing movement practice. A way to integrate body, mind, and spirit. It is a powerful experience that will free and energise you. Moving to music designed to resonate with the chakras, exploring them. It provides a sanctuary away from everyday life and allows for you to be fully present and embodied.
Chakradance™ sessions can be done in a group or individually.

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Menopause Mentoring

Menopause (Moonpause) brings many changes; physical, emotional and spiritual. Over 70% of women deal with it alone. Jenny uses a unique blend of healing energy, mentoring and intuition to help you release and feel in balance.

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Healing session with Jenny

Jenny is trained in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Sourcestar®, and Angel healing.

During a healing session Jenny might receive insights into what is a good way forward for you; it may be a dietary change, a habit change, or a social change. You might also receive suggestions from your ancestors or pets in spirit.

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Healing sessions with Derek

Derek is trained in Usui Reiki and SourceSTAR®. He has also been initiated to the first level of Karuna Reiki® and this might have added to his sparkliness but he cannot give you a Karuna session.

(Sekhem Transformed And Reborn) is a high vibrational energy healing system. It was practised in Egyptian temples and is connected with the Goddess Sekhmet.
SourceSTAR® is an extremely gently, compassionate, and loving energy system which at the same time is powerful. It works deeply with the intention being set by the client and facilitates balance and healing at a soul level.
Regular SourceSTAR® treatments can facilitate changes which you wish for in your life. It elevates your vibrational frequency, accelerating personal development and well-being.

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Animal Healing & Communication

Animals communicate and receive information non-verbally; intuitively and telepathically. For example, your cat or dog senses when you are unwell or senses when you are returning home. Most of us who live with animals are already “in tune” and communicating on a deeper level than we realise. Our animal friends communicate to us in feelings and pictures, and receive our feelings and thoughts in return.

What to expect from a treatment

Your session will last between 50-60 minutes.
You will lie down on a massage couch, or be seated in a chair if preferred. You will be fully clothed and covered with a soft blanket; gentle music can be played to help you relax. You’ll receive a glass of water afterwards and more details of your session.
Each person’s reaction to energy work is different. People comment on how peaceful and calm they feel. Many are thirsty (which is a good sign). Any anxiety, pain levels or mobility issues which you may experience in daily living are relieved. You may feel energised or deeply relaxed.

Distance Healing also available

Healing can be sent from a distance, both for people and for animals. You do not need to be present to receive energy healing; all it requires is the intention and the ability to send it. Energy is not subject to the laws of time and space – the practitioner’s focus and intention facilitates this. We will ask for your name, location, birthday, and a photo. We’ll communicate by e-mail, via skype, or telephone and assess your needs. You complete a short consultation form and schedule in your session.
At your scheduled time, we recommend that you get comfortable and warm, where you will be undisturbed. Your session lasts between 50-60 minutes. Breathe deeply, relax, and receive …
Ideally, rest afterwards and drink plenty of water to facilitate your healing (to flush any physical/emotional toxins released during your session).
Please avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks before and after your session.

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