Melody spent the first night of Jenny’s sabbatical on the rug by her bed. Today she has claimed Jenny’s desk. Maybe she misses Jenny, or maybe it’s just a better view. I don’t yet communicate with the furries but am sure that this would be along the lines of:-
“If you don’t want me to sit on your desk, move to a country which has a rich tradition of window-sills.”
It’s a cat thing.
The three of them are on different shift-patterns. Melody has the late evening shift and patrols all night. Buzz has early morning (1am) until 7am (breakfast) and afternoon. Pixie has split day-shifts, preferring to usually be inside overnight. It’s a wonder there’s any mini-mammals left around here. There was a time last year when Buzz, more than once, returned with a rat-sized mouse. At which point we wondered if they perhaps had a livestock farm, where they were raising the equivalent of Aberdeen Angus Mice.
Oh, and I didn’t ask their permission for the photos to go www.wide so it’s only fair that I include one of me, between showers, using nature’s selfie-stick, the arm.



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