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Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I’m Jenny Anne Slater. I’m a healer and mentor of women who wish to thrive at menopause … The Moonpause Doula.

I walked this path alone and know just how challenging it can be without support … ( I moved to a new country, moved house 3 times, had no supportive GP or female friends close by ) …

Menopause touches every part of our lives. Each of us has our own experience … we’re in the 21st century, yet there is still stigma about being a woman experiencing perimenopause ( the time leading up to your last period ) … no-one tells you what to expect … it feels over-medicalised … and the stereotypes … Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!  

Stats show that 70% of women don’t have anyone to talk to about menopause. It is time to change this.

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Are you feeling:

  • Like you do not know who you are anymore?
  • Overwhelmed ?
  • Invisible?
  • Out of balance?
  • Tired?
  • That your relationships are strained?

Are you:

  • Questioning it all?
  • Wondering if your life will ever be happy again?

I can help you with this. Let me show you how to travel through menopause with greater ease, energy, and joy. Menopause is a Journey of Initiation. A time to unashamedly Put Yourself First. Always. In all ways.

How to master your fears. How to feel balanced, calm, and confident. How to listen to your heart, reframe your experience, and get your life back.

Allowing you to rebirth yourself as the amazing woman  you are.

You might not feel this is possible. I’d like to reassure you, it most certainly IS.

I’d like to invite you to book a

This is a safe sacred space where you will be held and listened to in confidence.
We will get clear on highlighting just where you’re at, the things that you’d like to transform, and the way forward.

Apply for your session with Jenny through the contact form HERE ♥

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Why “Moonpause Doula”? 

In traditional societies we were ‘in tune with the moon’. Our monthly bleed was known as our “moon-time”. We typically bled in synch with the new moon. We ovulated with the full moon.

Moonpause is an honourable word replacing “menopause” ( a clinical word only coming into usage in 1872 ). A Doula is someone trained to give non-medical assistance, during times of transition such as giving birth or death.

Menopause is a natural transition where you’re rebirthing yourself into yourfull goddess-ness’ ( who you truly are).

An amazing woman with a wealth of life experience. This should be celebrated.

I’m part of an exciting new generation of women revolutionising menopause by challenging stereotypes, encouraging women to release shame and stigma by tuning in to your heart and reawakening your body’s ability to

know what is best,

loving yourself unconditionally,

trusting your wisdom, 

coming home to you.

Our world is evolving and with this comes the need to redefine Menopause as the Journey of Initiation which it is.

Birthing a new found sense of freedom. Beauty. Power. Wisdom.

Each menopause journey is unique.

I love you all.

Magic of Moonpause Retreat

On these retreats, we’re exploring Menopause as a Journey of Initiation.
The years leading up to menopause and the ones following it can be daunting to travel alone.
Whatever stage you are at, you deserve to be supported & celebrated.
These retreats do just that.
You’ll rediscover your beauty, balance and vitality.
You’ll leave feeling transformed and powerful.

 How do we do this?

  • Sisterhood- holding and supporting you
  • Connection- to your heart and soul
  • Celebration- honour your journey 

You will take part in a unique programme including Sacred Ceremony, dance, deep connection with nature, deep healing.

You will receive deep nurturing and healing during this retreat:

  • Organic, healing foods
  • Plant Medicine
  • Chakradance
  • Pink Ray attunement
  • Breath Work
  • Work with vibrational essences, oils and herbs
  • Sacred chant and song
  • Labyrinth
  • Sacred Moon-Pause Ceremony

Who would benefit?

  •  Any woman travelling through perimenopause, or who no longer bleeds yet feels she has ‘unfinished business’ ( such as un-chased dreams to fulfil, womb healing, limiting beliefs holding her back)
  • Any woman wishing to feel fabulous!

Our world is Evolving and with this comes the need to Redefine Menopause as the amazing transition it is, where  we give birth to a new found sense of freedom.

Each menopause journey is unique. There is no ‘one-size approach’ for all. As women we each hold the wisdom inside us of what is best for our wellbeing. We each have a right to be acknowledged, treated with respect and thrive at midlife and beyond.

Moonpause Retreat dates 2018

  • Fri 6 – Thurs 12 July
  • Fri 24 – Thurs 30 August
  • Fri 12 – Thurs 18 October
  • Fri 23 – Mon 26 November

Your investment
7 day retreat €875

Long Weekend €490

Do you have a question? I'd love to hear from you!

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moonpause doula Jenny menopause

Hi. I’m Jenny Slater, I would love to help you heal, reconnect and recharge.

Drop me a line with any questions you may have.

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