I remember during the 70s in north-east Scotland, that a salad was identifiable by its unique components. This was possibly UK-wide for predictable greenhouse stuff such as “half-a-tomato-cut-into-segments”.
What made the north-east salad a true “North-east Salad” was the extras; half a boiled egg, and a handful of crisps. How posh, along with prawn cocktails, to receive this when dining out. How very 70s.
My salad includes:-
black pepper, olive oil, cider vinegar, grated carrot, grated beetroot, avocado, plum tomatoes, sweet corn, red kidney beans.
If ever a salad was “hearty” then this is it.It’s so hearty that it’s almost “macho”.
No space for eggs or crisps, thank goodness.

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