A quick visit to the stream this morning between sleety showers shows that it is not a raging torrent following last night’s storm. It has been so dry for months that it takes 3 days of that quantity of rain for the stream to become dramatic.
Hurricane Gesundheit passed over our space last evening. It doesn’t bother me because I’m warm, dry, the fires is stoked, the log-box is full, and the mug of tea is fresh. We can take the basic comforts for granted sometimes. Then, there was a power-cut. Big deal. Now my only problem is that I cannot put down my mug until it is empty. Hardly a hardship.
En revanche (on the other hand), the cats were not so impressed; big noise outside, threatening to come in. You know the weather is bad when your cat comes in drenched. “Way to go, Buzz!”❤️🐾🐱


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