Sharing this nurturing pink heart-bloom with you today. Do you feel the need for some tender loooove today? Pink rose rays are just the thing to make your heart sing ( no rhyme intended! just in my heart-flow!! 💗) February is all about self-love and care…yes St Valentine will be making an appearance on the 14th….will let you into a secret, the Green Man and I are not big Valentine’s day fans- why focus on one day of the year to celebrate love? Every day is just as important as the next to treat yourself ( and your significant other if you happen to be in a relationship) with love- lavish it on- As a child growing up in Scotland, touchy-feely-outward expressions of love and affection weren’t the norm….thank the Goddess that I’ve wiped this false programme from my DNA- So enjoy this rose, with my love…and a special shout out to all the beautiful souls here who take the time to comment when a post touches their hearts. Love knows no limits! Forest heart beams to 🌳💖you all.#somuchlove#injoy#newearth#selflove.#selfcare#heartcenteredretreats.#forestofthestarslimousin#veganretreatintheforest.#frenchforestretreat #menopauseretreats.#beautyiseverywhere



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