Okay. I admit that I have little idea as to what I am doing with these moon photos. The “supermoon” of 20/3/19 is photo 1; but it is less distinct than the photo taken the evening before (in case it was going to be cloudy), photo 2 (bonus). Too much light being reflected from it?
I was thinking that there was a problem with the tripod, which I lubricated about one week ago, because when I touched the controls of the camera I had to then re-align it. However, no, the tripod is fine. The issue is as follows:-
I am photographing a celestial body which is travelling in orbit at a speed of 0.64 miles/second (not taking into account the earth rotational speed), at a distance of 240,000 miles, using 60x magnification and viewing the results on a 3″ screen. In other words, it is travelling faster than I can operate my equipment.

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