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Confidentiality is extremely important to us:-
“What is said in the healing room, stays in the healing room.”
Whatever is discussed between you as client and me as therapist remains private. This also applies to any messages received from angels and/or guides.

I am obligated to break confidentiality if you state that you intend to harm yourself or someone else, or if a child is at risk.

Confidentiality in Groups
Participants in group activities must not discuss anything that has occurred or that is said during the group, once that activity has ended. Furthermore, if you attend with a friend, you may discuss each other’s experiences but not perceptions or assumptions about the experiences of other participants.

Terms & Conditions – General

Payment is required before the start of a retreat. This can be made in full at the time of booking or via an initial deposit of 20% with the balance being payable not less than 42 days (6 weeks) before the retreat start date. After this date the deposit is non-refundable.

Payment is required before a healing session, a reading, or a mentoring session.

24 hours advance notice is required if you need to reschedule your appointment. It at least 24 hours advance notice is not given then the session will be charged in full. Similarly, if you do not attend the scheduled session. If you arrive after the scheduled session start time, the session shall still finish at the scheduled end-time.

For distance sessions I will phone or Skype you at the pre-arranged time/date. If I am unable to make contact with you I shall re-try each minute for up to 10 minutes. If this is still unsuccessful it will be considered as a “no show” and any subsequent treatment session will be considered as a new and independent session, not as a substituted for the missed session, and full payment will be expected.

Technical Issues
Circumstances for being unable to make contact due to technical issues will be discussed.

If we are unable to make contact due to serious technical issues (tree fallen on phone line; thunderstorm demands that wi-fi be disconnected) then a new/replacement appointment time will be agreed upon. However, if you are unfamiliar with your equipment and lose some of your allotted time due to setting volume levels, finding the right button, etc., then that time can not be made up. 

Angel Readings

My readings are individual and one-on-one. I can give readings to another person (third party) but, of course, the results of the reading will only be transmitted to the recipient of the certificate, not the purchaser.

Gift Certificates
When you purchase a gift certificate, please state the recipient’s name and the desired therapy.
The recipient will need to contact me with any questions.

E-mail Readings

Once I have received payment and your question(s), I will send you a confirmation via email. The confirmation email will include a timeframe in which you can expect the reading to be sent.
Email readings are generally sent within 3 to 5 business days.

Skype Sessions

(healings, readings, mentoring)
After receipt of your payment I will contact you via email to schedule your live appointment.

Animal Communication Sessions

~ are conducted by e-mail. You will receive the Communication usually within 2 business days. At busy periods please allow for 3-5 business days.

Prepare yourself for a healing session

It is recommended that you be ready to receive a distance healing at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This will allow you to be relaxed and calm and therefore gain the most from the session. Either meditate, or focus on your breathing.

As the healing energy will accelerate how your body processes toxins/waste material, it is strongly advised that you refrain from drinking caffeine or alcohol on the day of the session, and even for the day before as well. Similarly afterwards, drink plenty of water to assist your system in processing the results of the energy, and refrain from alcohol or caffeine.

Information pertaining to healing session pre-care and after-care is available here and applies to sessions both in person and by distance.


The information in this website is provided by Forest of the Stars for entertainment purposes only.
We make every effort to keep it up-to-date.
Any links on this site leading to external sites are not necessarily an endorsement of the content of product/services of that site. Recommendations shall be explicit.
“Healing” when used in an energy-therapeutic sense does not mean “cure”. We are all works in progress and can not control how the received energy is processed. These sessions are intended as adjuncts to any professional allopathic medical regimen which you may be following: they are complementary, not substitutes. If, during our session, I feel that you would benefit from seeking advice from a medical professional, I shall advise you accordingly.

Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

If you contact us via the website contact form or the newsletter sign-up form, you will let us know your name and email address. This is stored by Mailchimp.
If you make a booking for a course, a treatment session, or a retreat, then we will require additional information in order to be able to keep in contact with you, especially if you require directions. This will be your name, email address, home address, and a telephone number. This is written in a ledger in the secure office.

Who is collecting it?

The information is collected by forestofthestars.com

How will you use people’s private info?

The information is used to send you a newsletter which will keep you updated with the available offers at forestofthestars.com

Will you share it with anyone else?

We have no need to share your information with a third party. If it was deemed beneficial to you that a third party make contact with you, then we would forward their details to you.

What about payment details?

All online payments are made through paypal so any information required for the transaction is stored on their site. It will not be stored on our local computers or downloaded in any format.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, then we do not receive your bank details.
If you choose to pay by cheque ( in €uros ) then we record your name and the cheque amount on the deposit slip which then goes to the bank and we keep no record of your banking details.

Is what you’re going to do likely to cause any complaints?

In the unlikely event that you disagree with any of our policies pertaining to the processing of your personal data, please bring it to our attention.

And if I choose to unsubscribe?

Then your details will be erased from our Mailchimp database.


This website and its content are the copyright of La Forêt des Étoiles / Forest of the Stars.
Any redistribution or reproduction of the contents of this website is prohibited. This includes downloading and storage of the site in part or in whole.
Information on the website which is intended for downloading or transmission are the web address, any information pertaining to the dates and organisation of events and retreats, and any pdf files such as the travel information.
All rights reserved in all countries.
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