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Concetta Antonelli-Lapeyre

I felt a connection to you, Jenny & Derek, from the moment I saw your Facebook page. The name alone intrigued me because I have had a connection to trees, elementals, rocks, crystals, sticks, etc…all things ‘foresty’ since I was a young child. The term ‘forest bathing’ was new to me; yet it appears I have been doing that most of my life!

The first time I experienced your loving kindness and magical ways was when I asked Jenny to do an Animal Communication with my dog-niece Koda. What a blessing to hear what Koda had to say. And Koda let us know it was a blessing to be heard! It’s clear that having Jenny interact with Koda helped allay some of her anxiety as well as ours. Her seizures have reduced and she is less agitated overall. Communicating with Jenny seems to have allowed Koda to settled into her matriarchal companion role in the household.

I have visited the area where Forest of the Stars is located many times on vacation. I feel a strong connection to Mother Nature there, particularly the forests. Even though I’ve been spending much more time at home in 2020, in August, Spirit began nudging me to go on retreat by myself. I kept being drawn to Forest of the Stars, so I began talking to Jenny about what a retreat with you would include.

That’s when the magic began as we collaborated on what I wanted and what they could/would offer. As the 7 day retreat began to take shape…it was as if the forest was pulling me toward it. Thus began the co-creation of a cocoon that allowed me to reconnect with the and my Sacred Feminine.

There were delights for all the senses:

  • The vegetarian meals prepared lovingly by Jenny and Derek. After 48 hours it seems every cell in my body opened up to take in all the nutrition and love. I’m still in awe of the desserts that were heavenly made without refined sugar!
  • Guided walks in the forest to visit with the elementals, the fairy stream, the dragons and the trees…oh my heart, THOSE TREES!
  • Spacious chalet fully equipped with a wood burning stove.
  • Freedom to take my meals in the chalet or with them.
  • Heartfelt conversation at meals. Enjoying the company, food and ambiance which often included music and laughter.
  • Time to myself to walk the Magi labyrinth, commune with the woods and receive gifts from the forest, like a magic wand to take home with me.
  • Learning 5 Tibetan Yoga, how to do a Yoni Steam, make bread, pizza, scrumptious oatmeal, walnut, date bars and most importantly how to trust myself to find answers.
  • Essential Oil Message and a Moonpause Doula Ceremony.
  • Discovering new books to read and what a brilliant Pakora Maker and Wood Artist Derek is!
  • Sweet acknowledgements from the 3 resident cats.
  • A visit from a Fire Salamander, a Bat, an Owl, and many other winged creatures.
  • Many realizations, the biggest of which was how much more ‘Yinning’ I need to practice. Self-care is NOT a luxury, rather a necessity for balance. And that I will definitely go back.

Many thanks for heeding the call of the forest and your hearts to create Forest of the Stars. Arms around with love and blessings. Mah-wah!

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Agata et Guillaume
Staying in the Forest of the stars was a great experience. Beautiful wooden cottage with fireplace in the middle of the forest. Deers, owls, cats, toads, fireflies and lots of stars above us.
Jenny and Derek are incredibly nice and warm artistic spirits. Food that they have prepared was delicious. And very healthy! ☺ We had a lot’s of teas time and wonderful conversations with them. And when our car broke down, they help us with everything.
I was a please to meet them and to stay at they place ♥

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Agata Łuczak & Guillaume

Nous cherchions à nous évader de la ville et nous avons trouvé chez Jenny et Derek un havre de nature, une bulle de joie où le lieu est superbe et confortable et les hôtes remplis d’attentions et de chaleur humaine. Nous sommes arrivés un vendredi soir avec une panne de notre véhicule, et dès samedi ils nous avaient accompagné pour trouver une solution. Les repas étaient savoureux, originaux et sains, et les chouettes nous ont souhaité bonne nuit.

Voilà un lieu que nous gardons en mémoire pour nos besoins de déconnexion/reconnexion, et des personnes qui sont rentrés dans nos cœurs. Merci encore ! Et à bientôt !

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Médéric, Claire & Aimé

We had a great stay, Derek and Jenny were charming hosts managing to be both present and discrete. We felt very welcomed and there attentiveness and kind attentions made us feel like very special guest, which is a rarity in our experience. The chalet is wonderful, sat in a gorgeous natural environment and ideally equipped, very clean, it proved such a great place to stay that we found excuses to end our day’s hiking earlier to enjoy the porch. A superb place to rest, enjoy the region and get back in touch with nature. Highly recommended.



Superbe endroit pour un repos total du corps et de l’esprit. Le chalet est absolument magnifique et confortable, au cœur de la forêt. Jenny et Derek sont plein de douces attentions. De belles balades sont possibles en forêt bien entendu, ainsi que sur les sentiers de randonnées et au bord des lacs au alentours.

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image




Super séjour merci Jenny




ideal pour les voyageurs qui recherchent le calme et la forêt

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image


Gaspard et Marianne

Bel endroit bien situé pour apprécier le calme de la forêt et les longues randos dans cette magnifique région. Avec en plus la proximité de beaux lacs où il fait bon se baigner.



Adorable accueil au cœur de la forêt, calme et confort sont au rendez-vous!

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image



Un endroit très agréable avec des hôtes accueillants. Notre séjour s’est très bien passé. Nous recommandons tout à fait ce lieu!



Super vacance dans la Creuse; les lacs et la forêt. Good vibes dans le chalet de Jenny et Derek qui sont des hôtes chaleureux et accueillants.

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image



Un endroit écologiquement correct et propice au recueillement au sein d’une magnifique forêt, des hôtes adorables, une région superbe !



Nous avons passé un très bon séjour chez Jenny et Dereck. Le chalet est très beau et très isolé, parfaitement ce que nous recherchions. Jenny et Dereck nous ont accueillis malgré notre arrivée tardive (20h) et ont pris le temps de nous présenter le chalet. Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre séjour !

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image



Petit havre de paix et de tranquillité niché dans la forêt. Jenny et Derek sont des hôtes très attentionnés et chaleureux.

Marie, Frederic, et famille

Jenny et Derek nous ont accueilli très chaleureusement pour une étape de 3 nuits sur la route de nos vacances avec nos 2 enfants. Un diner d’arrivée, servi dans leur maison, délicieux et des échanges sur nos cultures et métiers très agréables. La cabane louée est au milieu de la forêt (une forêt magique !), idéale pour se ressourcer loin de toute pollution (ville, bruit, tv, wifi, réseau tel qui ne passe pas vraiment). Simple mais avec tout le confort de base nécessaire et une très bonne literie. Tout est neuf et impeccable. On vit quelques jours au calme et déconnecté en famille. La voiture est en revanche indispensable pour bouger et faire les courses. Nous avons également respecté le mode de vie de Jenny et Derek sans aucun problème (gestion des WC, plats végétariens). Jenny et Derek ne sont pas loin s’il manque quoique ce soit et sont très réactifs. A conseiller si comme nous vous devez traverser la France en passant par la Creuse ! ou si vous souhaitez tout simplement faire un séjour nature.

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image



Un accueil très sympathique, Jenny et Derek sont très prévenant, nous en gardons un excellent souvenir, le lieux est reculé, au milieu des bois, propice à une complète détente !

Magi-cal Christmas Retreat Experience

Dear Jenny and Derek,

It is difficult for me to find words following my Magi-cal Christmas Retreat with you. I arrived having resorted to walking poles to aid my walking and after 3 sleeps (which coincided with Christmas Eve morning) I was able to walk with virtually pain free knees. What a contrast to the last 15 to 20 years!
I did not expect or come to you seeking this but it has happened. I attribute this wonderful blessing to; your delicious, wholesome vegetarian/vegan food; yourselves; La Forêt, the location and those glorious ancient trees; and the Magi-cal ingredient courtesy of Dianne Pegler.
If the maximum number of stars I could award to you were 5 then consider yourself awarded
I have been fortunate enough to have visited on two occasions, I wonder if I will manage a third.
Thank you for a wonderful start to 2019

Ann Beryl Cox

Ann Beryl Cox Image
Ann Beryl Cox Image

Animal Communication

When we reached out to Jenny we were really worried about our old rescue greyhound and his emotional state.  With an impending house move and his inability to get in the car, travel and cope with noise and disruption in general, we really wanted to see how we could best help him through this stressful time.  We were blown away by Jenny’s report back.  The detail, the love and the insight were incredible … and it all perfectly reflected his personality and behaviour.  We could see the difference in his behaviour straight away; he seemed happier and more interactive with us and we are acting on the messages he shared with Jenny for us.

I can’t thank her enough … it has been a huge relief for us to be able to connect and communicate with our dog on this level and we will definitely come back for her help during the move. I highly recommend working with Jenny for your pet’s well being!

Sally Claridge
Blogger & Channel for the Channelling Love Collective

Retreat Experience

I’m just settling down to write about your wonderful Rose Retreat. It was a perfectly nurturing experience for body mind and spirit. A uniquely individual programme created by Jenny and Derek in a very special location. Set amongst trees, the comfortable wooden cabin has a spacious and airy feel. I would sit on the verandah listening to crickets, birdsong, the absence of traffic and savour the clear, sweet, warm air. On clear nights the stars are magical. Delicious home-prepared vegetarian food was so kind for my body (no sugar craving or hunger). Halfway through my stay I wondered how I would be able to leave! However, in divine order, by the end, I was enabled by the alchemy created by two special people, the place and the ‘treatments’ to feel ready to re-engage with the ‘outside world’. An unforgettable, precious, healing time. In loving gratitude and with the expressed intention of returning at some point in the future.

Ann Beryl Cox

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Katrina Image
Distant Healing

I LOVED my healing session with you so much and your energy was so clear and loving. I felt so held and the energy was so sparkly and both powerful and very gentle.
The messages you shared were crystal clear, resonated very deeply, and felt very right and aligned with where I am right now.
You have such a beautiful gift, Jenny, and I love how playful and joy-filled your deep healing work feels. I highly recommend your incredible guidance and light-filled spirit as well as your profound and multi-dimensional work. You are such a clear and loving wise woman and anyone who feels guided to work with you is in for such a treat.
Karina Ladet
Wise Woman Mentor, Intuitive Channel

Distance Healing

Hi Jenny!

I hope you have a beautiful day!
It was yesterday I told my friend about you and the healing session you did for me. I am so happy and grateful for the gift I received from you. Since it all happened something has shifted in me. I have cut myself free from the scarcity. I am kinder to myself and more conscious about my life – what I do and how I feel. It’s such a unusual feeling and way of being. I am deeply grateful for that.

I love seeing your instagram stories and posts full of nature, peace and encouragement. We need more of that in our social media. To stop, look and listen.

Have a blessed day and thank you for being such a beautiful gift to me!

With Love,
LifeCoach at ‘Lyckoexperten’

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Distant Healing

I felt very taken care of when Jenny asked for the Intention for the Healing Session. She is very professional, very loving.
During my distance healing I just lay down and was open to receive. I felt a wonderful and loving connection and soon I began to see myself showered in beautiful sparkly stars and love. I felt how my heart opened and a lot of deep and old pain could now go.
I fell into a lovely slumber with vivid images and healing pictures. I woke up, refreshed and tingly, eager to face my future and make the next steps, after I had felt a bit stuck.
I can highly recommend working with beautiful and loving Jenny. She has such a sparkly and clear energy and her healing is profound; deep old wounds could be healed, and old pain released. If you feel stuck, Jenny is able to release blockages so you are eager to move forward.
I greatly appreciated her wonderful feedback and insight from my healing session, where she told me what she felt and who was with us during the session.
Pure love and amazing healing. A wonderful and deeply nourishing experience.
Jenny is my “go-to” person for a deep healing.
warm hugs
Caroline Palmy Palmy Healing

Retreat Experience

I have experienced the retreat here and can thoroughly recommend its peace, beauty and rejuvenating qualities to all who might wish to visit it.
Jenny and Derek are superb hosts and care very much for their visitors. The food and accommodation are first rate and the cuisine is totally healthy and original. You will find comforting familiarity as well as inspired variety.
The wildlife and scenery is stunning. The retreat location is perfect for any touring you might wish to do.
You will always receive a warm welcome here and will be captivated by its tranquility, spiritual and natural force.
Truly beautiful. Truly rewarding.
Nigel Lammas

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Helena Image
SourceSTAR distance healing

Thank you so much for the healing session you did with me. I’d had an intense day, but as soon as the session started I felt very relaxed and open.  It’s wonderful to hear how you saw so many beautiful images and how you connected with guides and guardians while you sent healing energy my way.

A very special experience!

Love, Helena
Websites with a Heart


Animal Communication

My two cats had a beautiful relationship until one had an accident while playing together. Their relationship never recovered. Every time one cat approached the other, it ended in a fight.
After just one animal communication session with Jenny, I noticed a huge improvement. No hissing, no growling. They started to tentatively groom one another. Jenny communicated with the other cat. Things improved even more.
I got valuable information about how I can better support each cat and what they need and want from me. I highly recommend Jenny’s animal communication sessions. They were a great investment and I feel closer to my cats than ever before!
Holly Worton
Business Mindset Alchemist

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Distant Healing

Jenny is a caring, nurturing person who has made healing her life’s work. She was the first person l turned to for support, despite the physical distance between us. Never having had distant healing before, l was confident of success as a result of previous Reiki healing l have received from her in the past, in Scotland.

After the session l felt relaxed and energised, and motivated to ‘get back on track’.

I was aware of a dancing energy up and down my body during the session and feel that she has helped me to move forward from the physical and emotional situations that were playing out, before l had the healing session.

I can highly recommend to others who have busy lives and may not be able to attend their wonderful retreat in France, to ask for this method of healing instead. I will certainly be happy to have distant healing from them in the future, and experience the benefits that this provides!

Many thanks for your help and healing Jenny, and love to you both.

Donna Buyers


Retreat Experience

La forêt des étoiles is a magical and tranquil place. Set in a forest clearing, you are surrounded by nature with the sounds of the wind in the trees and the calls and sounds of wildlife within the forest.
Jenny and Derek are two special people, openhearted and generous in spirit. They are intent in making your stay as memorable as possible.
The accommodation is very comfortable, the food is delicious and nourishing. We left both uplifted and refreshed in mind, body and spirit. We highly recommend a visit.
Ann and Martin Roberts

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Amy Image
For Derek:-
I have had the pleasure of knowing Derek for the past 7 years. I have received many powerful Source Star healings from him during this time. Derek is a man of integrity and a clear and strong healing channel. He is very professional and made me feel safe to completely relax and let go during my sessions with him. I am so grateful for being able to experience his deeply powerful healings and to have his kind and grounded presence in my life. I would highly recommend his services with all my heart.

For Jen:-
Jenny’s words of wisdom, keen intuition and loving heart have been a real blessing in my life. I have experienced profound healing sessions from her. Jenny walks her talk and is willing to walk beside you and lovingly guide and facilitate your own transformation.
Jenny is also an extraordinary workshop facilitator and empowerer of women. I felt very safe and free to explore my creative expression during a “Heartsong Day” she held in 2012. I will always treasure these very sacred and special healing moments that we have shared. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for these gifts and know that whoever reaches out to her will also receive many healing blessings.
Bless you both,
Amy Davidson

Healing sessions

I’m extremely sensitive to energy and extremely discerning about who I go to for any healing session but felt that I would be safe with Derek. Due to past issues I had been wary about allowing a man to work on my energy or be so close to me yet Derek has such a kind, gentle and understanding nature that I was immediately at ease. Derek took the time to discuss what I was looking for from the session of SourceStar healing and I soon relaxed and drifted off into a peaceful relaxation while I allowed Derek and the energy he was channelling to do their work.
I would totally recommend Derek and look forward to receiving another treatment when I am over in France.

Jenny is a warm, kind-hearted woman who exudes passion for everything she does. Every time I attended a gathering/workshop at Jenny’s cabin she ensured that a relaxed welcoming energy awaited and the sessions were healing, informative, nurturing and more …
Whether you are looking for an individual session or wish to join in with any of the workshops and groups she facilitates then I can guarantee you will thank yourself for following your Soul’s guidance.

Together Derek and Jenny have so much to offer and after years of them quietly and lovingly sending their energy and love to the world it is heart-warming to watch them both unfold and shine brighter than ever.
Dawn Alexander
The Cosmic Catalyst

Dawn Image
Phil Image

The experience of Chakradance was amazing. I felt very safe, happy and at peace with myself. The salle in the forest was lovely. The animatrice was superb. This was my first time of doing anything like this. I would recommend Chakradance to anyone who would like to find the inner self.
P. Herbert

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