How many heats ’til Christmas?
1. Cut down the tree.
2. Cut up the logs.
3. Load up the trailer
4. Unload the trailer.
5. Split up the logs.
6. Move up the logs to their outside store area.
7. Stack up the heap.
8. Load up the trailer.
9. Move up to the woodshed.
10. Stack up the logs.
11. Load up the stick-box.
12. Stock up the wood-chest.
13. Load up the fire.
With these pictures, I only cut the dead portion of an otherwise good oak. As it had been dead for a while, I was able to skip a few stages and it was split and stored in the woodshed. Estimated age of 60-70 years for the limb, and it gave me 3 trailer-loads.   

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