When you go “on retreat”, whether it is for a nature experience or for some soul-searching, you want to know that the person facilitating the retreat can hold the space for you. Your stuff can come up and you need to feel safe.
In order that we can do this for you, Jenny has been “on retreat” to recharge.
How can this be? How can a retreat leader need a retreat? Don’t they get recharged just by being in the retreat environment?
If you are in the caring/healing profession, who supervises you? Who challenges your practice in order that you can reflect on your decisions?
Anyone engaged in healing should reflect on outcomes, and whether they could have acted in another fashion.
We are lucky in that we can reflect off each other. That doesn’t mean that confidences are breached. More than once in Scotland I escorted a “new” client to the cabin at the end of the garden and had my introduction interrupted with “Derek, I’ve been here before”. So why couldn’t I remember clients’ names? Because they were identified by their circumstances. Husband works away from home; 2 teenagers; caring responsibilities; new dog, etc. No names were used, hence the confusion. If the client had turned up in a “he went to Brisbane and all I got was this T-shirt” t-shirt, with hockey equipment, a wheelchair, and a dog in the car, then I could make the connection.

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