Why choose our spiritual retreat?

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Why should I consider coming here on your spiritual retreat over a regular holiday?
Our spiritual retreats can work out to be more economical than a “regular holiday”. They may appear to cost more “up front” than a regular holiday but they also include board, all meals, drinks, group sessions and activities, and you don’t have all the organising and planning to do apart from your own transport.

Why choose your spiritual retreat over self-development at home?
You have peace, away from your daily routine and commitments. The chance to enjoy solitude whilst being removed from everyday distractions, and to gain clarity on where you are on your life path. Going on retreat allows you to focus on your own growth.

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Can your spiritual retreat really make a difference to my lifestyle?
Our spiritual retreats offer long-term benefits due to the intent behind them, eg, Ravishing Rose offers intensive self-care, healing and pampering. The Raw Food Retreats focus on delicious, nutritious food choices. You will return home full of energy and integrate changes in your everyday life. Health benefits lead to attitude changes in other areas of life.

Why should I choose your retreat instead of, say, a spa resort?
Our spiritual retreats in nature are, by definition, deeply healing. The clean air and calm environments allow you to unwind, and stress hormone production (cortisol) slows down. If more recovery time is needed after a healing session, then we just change the itinerary to suit.

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So, individual or group retreat?
This is very much up to the individual person.
An individual retreat allows you to control the programme more, and you can have as much private healing time as you need.
Our group retreats offer the chance to be surrounded by like-minded people. You have a support system of kindred spirits, sharing, helping each other in your growth.
Whichever style of spiritual retreat that you choose, you will have access to professional support, healing, spiritual counselling, coaching, holistic therapies.

I have a question that is not listed.
Please don’t hesitate to email or phone us, we’re here to
help make your stay as relaxing as possible
Jenny & Derek Slater ~ Retreat Hosts and Forest Guardians

Do you have a question? I'd love to hear from you!

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Hi. I’m Jenny Slater. I would love to help you heal, reconnect and recharge.

Drop me a line with any questions you may have.

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