🌳💖 Celebrating growing ‘wisdom hair’ today!!…

my inner child is SO excited at it being long enough for pigtails! The Green Man’s garden twine tied off the ends in lieu of rainbow scrunchies!- a couple of years ago on retreat I decided I wanted a mane…quite an achievement for these baby-fine flyaway locks!and becoming aware of a thinning and dryness at the ends during perimenopause…What to do, if this is you? Things which helped: Plenty of plant protein- hemp powder, nuts, seeds, cold pressed flax and hemp oil ( which make your skin glow too with Omega oils)Iron: dark green veg, spinach, broccoli, kale, pulses – lentils ( sprouted and cooked), vitamins, especially B, C and K ( lots of B12), berries- dark red, gojis, blueberries,
oranges 🍊 thank you, with silvery glints and wisps in moonlight-hued-tones!…what a lesson in patience🥦🥝. I eat lots of seaweed & use kelp powder in smoothies and juices…( everyone who comes here – Friends, Family, retreat guests receives the yummiest of yum food!)also hair has a natural cycle and the thinning was apparent after a string of what in hindsight was a series of challenging life events ( deaths of 3 close friends and moving house 3 times in close succession- enough for anyone to cope with, HSP sensitivities need more processing time)…anyhoo, I digress. May you and your tresses be blessed with forest blesses! With love 💖🌳.#forestofthestarslimousin #lifeinthefrenchforest#menopauserelief #organicveganretreats.#veganmenopause #newearthretreats#healthyhairatperimenopause#selfcare#selflove.#injoy#youareenough. #starseed.#thriveatperimenopause#goddessselfcare.#nurtureinnature. #

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