Wooden Creations
~ la fôret des étoiles

Here is a selection of my wood creations.

Anything that I have for sale, I also have the original (prototype) in regular use.

We also have some signs around the place, for example “hug trees”, “Bienvenue” x2, and the Magi symbol for the labyrinth.

“From the Forest to the Big Apple”

I love the thought of my creations winging their way around the world. As an experienced Healer/ Reiki Master, each piece is infused with that transformational energy with a burst of green.

I’m a member of two French choirs and practise my exercises while I’m in my workshop. Someone who has inspired me greatly is Justin Stoney, founder of New York Vocal Coaching. (A fabulous online resource.) He gives a great deal to those he serves. Earlier this year I contacted Justin with a singing issue and, through discussion, I showed him the clock which I had made for Jenny’s birthday, and he loved it. This inspired me to make one for NYVC. I used their logo and Justin’s motto of ‘Joy’ in this piece which now hangs in their Downtown HQ.

“Birthday” Clock

In an attempt to solve the issues surrounding a telephone call or skype call to/from another time-zone, I made this twin time-zone clock for Jenny’s birthday.

It is made from Scottish Ash.

Yes, I pretty much took “the kitchen sink” when we moved.

Woodland Mirror

I would love to keep this one but I have to “draw the line” and let it go.

It is currently on display in the “Boutique des Artisans d’Aubusson“.

Cat Carvings

~ made from Scottish Ash.

Also available in a matt finish.


Kuk Sool Won school kanji

“Angeldawn” shop sign

Reiki kanji


~ made from Scottish Ash.

Apple charging station

~ made from our own oak trees.

~ with spaces for phone, ipad, and laptop,
& a drawer for the cables.

One of my mirrors

A free-standing corner unit

A corner shelf

This was my second evening-class project at Lethenty Mill, Inverurie. We have a pair in the bedroom.

Laundry Storage Unit

~ made from our own trees.

Planks cut by local sawmill.

Chestnut top and base; oak.

Bakeware Storage Unit

~ made from our own trees.

Planks cut by local sawmill.

Chestnut top and base; oak.

Vanity Unit

~ made from our own trees.

Planks cut by local sawmill.


~ replacing this thing on the left.

TV unit

~ made from our own tree.

Planks cut by chainsaw.

The best ideas start on the back of an envelope.

ipad easel

After a while I realised why my neck was sore after reading in bed !

solution:-book stand

long-handled stainless steel fork handle

I repaired this using a piece of unidentified wood, and the T-piece is another section of vintage ’77 chair leg.

Axe handle

The small repairs which lead to efficient working.
I am reminded of the saying:-“For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost.” etc

If this axe isn’t repaired, then I don’t have the right tool for lopping branches in the forest. It’s only 28 years old !
The tape around the shaft protects that section, but also helps in finding the axe on the forest floor. The blade cover is the cuff of a welding gauntlet, with the snap-connector provided free from the “souter” in Aubusson (that’s a shoe-repairman for those not from the north-east).

Workshop Doors

These were made using the remains of the terrace planks, and some damaged pieces of roofing.

Tree removal/Firewood stacking

I cut a dead tree down 2 years ago. That was the tree which I had to climb with the ladder at full extension after Celeste got stuck in a tight spot. It fell neatly between 2 birches but biffed one of them – which then died.

This is what then happened with the dead birch.

Planting a beech hedge.

Near the front gate are some beech saplings. They’re going to be fighting for space if they’re not moved, so I’ve replanted them.

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